I’m throwing a party, now what?! So much goes into event planning; location, catering, photographer, videographer, entertainment, & the bar. We work with your event planning to create a fun, safe, & exciting atmosphere. Whether you want to bring the drinks and only hire a bartender or would like to have us handle all aspects of the bar, we have you covered!

What kind of bar service would enhance your event? Some things we can help you determine for your event; timing of bar service, what to serve, & how to serve. We work with your event goals to set up the appropriate bar. We book bartenders, barbacks, mobile bars, and provide bar service.

$75 an hour for a Bartender This price includes a trained, dedicated staff member for your event! A fully trained, experienced drink creator which will make and deliver delicious drinks for your guests. Your bartender will help make your event a success! They will provide all the necessary tools to create scrumptious cocktails. This also includes all licensing & business liability insurance.

$25-$250 Mobile Bar Rental. We offer a few mobile bars for rent. If you have a venue with a bar, you won’t need this expense! We have a cocktail cart that is ready to roll up and deliver an exciting experience for your guests. Dimensions 12X4X8 The serving window opens on the drivers side. An awning is available. The mobile bar can be decorated to accentuate your theme.

Drink Packages:

Full Bar This package has everything your guests could want for a delicious drink for your entire event! We provide vodka, gin, rum, tequila, bourbon, red and white wine, prosecco, beer, fresh mixers; lemon, lime, grapefruit, OJ, cranberry, bitters, simple syrup, garnishes; olives, cherries, salt, lemons, limes, & mocktails. Included is a specialty cocktail that will have your guests talking!

Wine/Beer Bar: Delivers wine and beer options to your guests. Including red and white wine, prosecco, beer, soft drinks, water, mocktails, napkins, & plastic cups.

Mocktail Bar: mock·tail [ˈmäkˌtāl, ˈmäkˌtāl] NOUN a nonalcoholic drink consisting of a mixture of fruit juices or other soft drinks. A mocktail bar set up will give your guests 4 delicious options to choose from. The bar will also include sodas, water, & coffee.

Many factors will determine the price of your package. Please contact us so we can discuss your event vision and create a proposal for you.

Additional Services:

Champagne toast: Starting at $5 per guest. Everything you need to cheers for your event! Plastic cups, one per guest, to toast your special occasion. Glass flutes are available for an additional charge. The type of bubbly will also affect the cost of the toast.

Rent Glassware for a nice touch! Create an elegant setting for your guests by including glasses to set a special tone to your event.  The cost will depend on what kind of glassware you’d like to present.